EstateX Progress Update!

May 17, 2024

Hello EstateX Family!

We've been hard at work these past few months, and have made significant progress. While our spotlight has been on the crypto side, behind the scenes we've been diligently developing our game-changing #RWA project. Here’s a recap of some of our progress:


We're gearing up to launch our first attractive real estate offerings for both our European and U.S. investor networks. Together with our on boarded but yet-to-be-announced property partners, we're about to offer loan home investments that will outperform traditional European real estate returns by a wide margin. This will set the stage for the high-performing, exclusive #tokenization offerings EstateX is known for, once again distinguishing us from the competition.

Simultaneously, we're preparing to launch our first U.S. real estate offering, a Reg D offering open to accredited investors only. This will also be available to our extensive investor network, which has already invested up to $100M in #tokenized real estate.

Once again, these offerings will be outperforming competitions and traditional offerings. Expect more details in the coming month, with the first offerings happening shortly after. This move will significantly boost our reputation, proving our business model and our ability to quickly raise substantial funds.


On the legal front, we've made strides by partnering with regulated entities in Europe and the U.S. One of these partners includes a BaFin-regulated registrar, ensuring your property investments are securely registered in a regulated environment. As mentioned in our AMA with @ritestream_io, this provides an extra layer of security for our investors.

Additionally, we're setting up a regulated fund structure in Luxembourg, allowing retail investors to participate alongside institutions and qualified investors. This fund can hold real estate, but also other commodities, accumulating different profitable assets. We anticipate regulatory approval by mid-summer and will keep you updated. More details to be announced.


Obviously we also keep developing our tech constantly. We are building our application completely from scratch which means we have our technology completely in our own hands. The last weeks, we’ve been focusing on development of clear transaction history, updating and smoothing KYC process, implementing wallet connect options and overall improvements for flows, documents, property pages and more. We constantly improve our application and fix the details to create the best functioning platform possible.

On top of that, we’ve developed double smart contract features for crypto payments and dispersion of the rental income. In the near future, apart from crypto payment options, both crypto and fiat payment rails will be available on the platform. Ensuring maximum flexibility and usability.

We also notice there is a huge market for white label solutions, as being asked many times by institutions and other parties in the space. They are impressed by our simple to use technology, with a clear focus on Web2 to Web3 transitions.

It means EstateX will also deliver whitelabel tokenization and investment platform infrastructure, cementing once again our esteemed position as market leader for everything around tokenization and finances.


EstateX’s growing traction and reputation has caught the attention of several top-tier VCs.

After announcements of Adrian Zdunczyk, Michael Van De Poppe, Mario Nawfal & The IBC Group and the likes, we’ve also been able to add Tier 1 VC’s to our cap table. We will announce these VC’s strategically coming up towards launch.


As announced in our Crypto Knights Ritestream AMA, we will officially get extra airtime on the show because of the quality of our project. That means more exposure towards an audience of 250M people in over 25+ countries on the biggest streaming platform worldwide, together with lots of local TV channels.

Our reality TV filming is set for Early June, while the studio filming with multiple A list celebrities is set for later that month and early next month. Truly excited for this amazing opportunity that will attract so many eyeballs that it will completely change the course of this project!

Stay tuned for more thrilling updates, and thank you for being a part of this incredible journey. #EstateX is much more than just a crypto company, we are a lifestyle innovation company that utilizes blockchain to take us to the next level! Yes, we plan to have massive success in crypto, but we’re planning to blow up way beyond that.

We’ve spent years developing the frameworks and foundations as a future unicorn corporate giant. Together, we’re about to make History! 🏆🌎

Best regards,

The EstateX Team

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Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

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