EstateX Closes Investment & Partnership deal with MoonEdge Finance!

Jun 11, 2024

Hello EstateX Fam!

As promised, we're kicking off the week with another exciting announcement. It's all about expanding our community because a bigger crowd means a blockbuster launch! Today, we're excited to introduce a powerhouse partner that's set to amplify EstateX to new heights, and invested in the $ESX token!

🌟 Welcome Aboard, @moon3dge Finance!

Get ready to join forces with one of the most dynamic communities in the decentralized space. MoonEdge is not just a Launchpad/VC; it's a hub of innovation backed by industry giants like

Sky Vision Capital, GD10 Capital, Ashcryptoreal, and @tenXstudios. Having raised over $15 million across more than 30 projects, MoonEdge is primed with a roster of hyped projects poised for imminent launch!

📊 By the Numbers:

Community Engagement: With 5k token stakers and 90k token holders, Moonedge boasts a formidable community size totaling 150k across social media platforms.

Market Presence: Regularly trending as #1 for @0xPolygon on Dextools for Launchpads, Moonedge is a recognized name in the crypto world.

Strategic Launches: With a lineup of tier 1 projects across Gaming, #DeFi, #RWA, and infrastructure, Moonedge is poised to make significant waves in the coming months.

Check out more about MoonEdge here:




💥 Leveraging Community Strength

Just like with The Birb Nest and Tenset, the goal with these partnerships is to tap into more active crypto user databases. This way we can gather natural marketing, more holders, more incentivized and passionate crypto investors and grow the family within a proven investor database. We're tapping into MoonEdge’s vibrant community to maximize our visibility and engagement. By adopting strategies similar to those used by platforms like Seedify, we’re ensuring small but strategic allocations that not only attract but also retain a broad base of eager and active crypto investors. This approach is designed to significantly broaden our reach within trader and crypto communities, boosting our marketing impact!

🎙️ Join Our Upcoming AMA:

The excitement doesn’t stop here! We’ll be joining an exclusive AMA with the MoonEdge community LATER at 2PM UTC! This is your chance to dive deep into what this partnership means for you and EstateX! You can set a reminder through the official AMA link in the official MoonEdge X page:

🌐 What’s Next?

These collaborations are a huge part of our coordinated launch strategy. Like explained above, doing excessive marketing within these proven investor pools significantly increases the interest. Because of our achievements, foundations and the feedback we’ve had, we’re convinced the EstateX brand will be liked and word of mouth marketing will do its job.

The connections and KOLs brought to this partnership also significantly increases our reach. As we continue to build bridges with leading players in the crypto and blockchain landscape, we remain committed to enriching your journey with EstateX. Your trust and support propel us forward, and together, we will reshape the world of real estate investment.

Thank you for being a part of this thrilling journey. Let’s make history together! Onwards and upwards, EstateX Fam! 🚀💫

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

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