EstateX Partners with Roseon Labs

Apr 28, 2024

It's Monday, and we're thrilled to bring you an incredible announcement today!

As we eagerly await our exchange date, we're meticulously preparing for an unparalleled launch that will make history. With an overwhelming surge of interest from investors and institutions, we're carefully selecting strategic partners who offer more than just funds. We're seeking alliances that bring tangible benefits to the entire #EstateX community.

Among these esteemed investors is Roseon Labs, a Roseon Exchange powerhouse that will add tremendous value to our project. Together, we're embarking on a series of dynamic marketing campaigns, commencing today, that will expose EstateX to the expansive Roseon community, comprising over 310k registered users! This partnership opens doors to a vast user base and enhances our visibility, especially across Asia, complementing our existing reach in Europe, India, Korea, and the Americas.

Furthermore, EstateX will be prominently featured within the Roseon App, granting access to hundreds of thousands of users. With Roseon's expertise in technology, we'll receive invaluable support for our development efforts, including initiatives such as staking and farming.

Starting today, we'll be showcased on Roseon's Twitter accounts, collectively reaching over 120k followers. And stay tuned for engaging AMA sessions with their vibrant community with a reach over 750k people happening very soon. With over 20,000 daily active users and 100+ partners they’re an absolute powerhouse!


But that's not all! One of our key initiatives with Roseon involves the promotion of EstateX NFTs. These exclusive NFTs will be available within the app and will be the focus of targeted marketing campaigns designed to captivate the Roseon community's interest.

These NFTs aren't just tokens; they're powerful promotional tools that will showcase the unique perks of holding ESX tokens. Plus, we're leveraging Roseon's extensive network to secure partnerships with prominent Asian KOLs, ensuring maximum exposure for our NFTs and the EstateX project as a whole.


And mark your calendars for Thursday because it's going to be monumental! We're on the verge of unveiling a groundbreaking exposure strategy that will thrust EstateX into the spotlight like never before. Brace yourselves for a tidal wave of attention as millions, if not tens of millions, of eyes are fixated on our project.

This is not just marketing; this is a pivotal step towards realizing the limitless potential of real-world asset (#RWA) possibilities. EstateX is about to redefine the game, and Thursday will mark the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter. Stay tuned! 🚀🔥

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

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