EstateX AMA Recap: Making Waves and Building Momentum!

Jun 7, 2024

Hey #EstateX Fam!

What an incredible turnout last night! A massive thank you to everyone who tuned into our #AMA. We're thrilled to tell everyone that over 1K of you joined us live, and that’s not even counting our Telegram group!

As we approach our launch, your enthusiasm shows that we're truly making waves in the industry. 🌊🚀

Didn’t catch us live? No worries! You can watch the replay here and check out a detailed recap of the session below:

🔑 Key Highlights from the AMA:

1️⃣ Interactive Investments: Soon, you’ll be able to invest in properties directly from your screen via a unique QR code during's Cryptoknights TV Show. Imagine investing in real estate while relaxing on your couch! 📺🏠

2️⃣ Real Estate Hedge Fund: We’re setting up a dedicated real estate hedge fund in Luxembourg, enhancing our investment framework. 💼

3️⃣ Daily Dose of EstateX: Get ready for an announcement every day leading up to our launch, plus an AMA marathon and an exciting session with Brock Pierce! 🎤🌟

4️⃣ Innovative ESX Distribution: To prevent sudden sell pressure, fiat rental incomes (PropX) will be converted to $ESX at the month's start and distributed daily to PropX owners, preventing frontrunners, and keeping the chart stable. 💸

5️⃣ Investment Perks for NFT Holders: First-year guaranteed appreciation (~10%) plus rental yields (6-8%) exclusively for our NFT Holders! 📈

6️⃣ Multiple CEX Goals: We're not just aiming for one, but multiple CEX listings at launch. 🚀📊

7️⃣ Venture Capital Enthusiasm: More top-tier VCs have joined the EstateX cap table, strengthening our foundation. 🤝 We’ll be announcing MORE of these Top-Tier VC’s VERY SOON!

We Are Stronger Than Ever!

Your support fuels our journey, and together, we're building a robust platform that’s set to revolutionize #RWA real estate investment. Remember, with EstateX, the future of real estate is in your hands. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready for an exciting path ahead! 🌟

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

Don't miss out on the future of real estate investment.

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